Research Assistants



Aryanna Cotton is a Psychology major and Sociology minor. She aspires to pursue graduate school with an aim to work with at-risk youth. She can be reached at






Kelsey_LabPhotos2015_16_03Kelsey Evey is a Humanities major. After graduating from Indiana Wesleyan University, she plans on applying to research-oriented clinical PhD programs. Her research interests are in study anxiety disorders (specifically OCD) among children and adolescents. This summer (2016) she will be working at University of Michigan researching biomarkers for anxiety disorders in preschool children. She can be reached at





Martha_LabPhotos2015_16_05Martha Kondrat is double major in Psychology and Addictions Counseling and intends to pursue graduate school for marriage and family therapy. She can be reached at






Bethany_LabPhotos2015_16_09Bethany Mathison is a psychology major with a leadership minor. She plans to pursue graduate studies in the area of child life, and work as a certified child life specialist. She can be reached at






Sarah_LabPhotos2015_16_08Sarah Pierce is a psychology major. She plans to pursue graduate studies in neuropsychology. Sarah can be reached at






Ethen17 copyEthen Smith is a psychology and photography double major at Indiana Wesleyan University. He is interested in research involved with creativity and neurophysiology, especially in intercultural settings. Ethen plans to pursue graduate studies with a focus in clinical psychology and would like to continuing to pairing his passions in psychological research and art. Ethen welcomes you to contact him at





Ellen_LabPhotos2015_16_12Ellen Steinke graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2015 and is the manager of the EMA lab. Her interests include moral/virtue psychology and ecological momentary assessment. See review in Frontiers in Psychology. You can contact her at




Lindsay Wood is a psychology major with a sociology minor. She plans to pursue graduate studies in neuropsychology, and work as a neuropsychologist in a clinical setting. She hopes to pursue research integrating social psychology and neuroscience. Lindsay can be reached at