How Data Collection Works

How iHabit™ Works (Data Collection & Management Process): 

The researcher develops a list of questions and/or prompts.  Questions/prompts can be of two kinds: (i) randomly cued throughout the day; and (ii) user initiated at the beginning and/or end of each day.  Once researchers have their list of questions:

  • These questions/prompts, along with the period of time during which the study will take place, are submitted to us.  We then upload the question/prompt packet and generate a code specific to that packet.  This code, along with instructions, is sent back to the researcher via email.
  • The researcher can then direct their participants to download the iHabit™ app to their device through the App Store.  Once the app is downloaded the researcher can give their participants the packet code to be entered into the app.  Participants are then ready to use the app.
  • Throughout the study period, participants are notified to answer questions or view prompts randomly during the day.  Upon receiving notification, participants open the iHabit™ app and answer the randomly cued questions and/or view prompts. Participants also have the option of answering “End of Day Questions”.  All data is sent to a server when the device accesses a Wi-Fi signal.
  • Researchers are given a username and password and directed to a secure site where they can access the data throughout the study period; and/or we can send them the dataset as an Excel file at the end of the study.






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